M e t h o d o l o g y

Step-wise Approach

The main entry point for TIP is the Water User Group (WUG). A Water User Group is an organized group of people around or related to the common use of a water source.

TIP seeks to ensure that farmers are guided through a logical sequence of seven steps. This approach has proven to be a good tool in inculcating a sense of ownership and commitment of the farmers to TIPs’ interventions. TIP will develop a way forward, often it follows these steps:

1. TIP receives a formal request from Water User Groups for assistance.
2. Our philosophy and methodology are introduced to the WUGs.
3. Feasibility studies are conducted using Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRAs).
4. Strategies are jointly developed to assess opportunities and constraints to development.
5. An agreement is made between WUG, district council and TIP.
6. Implementation of activities.
7. Through participatory monitoring and evaluation, TIP evaluates whether the objectives of the action have been met.

Tail-to-Mouth Approach

The Tail to Mouth requires farmers to start improving the absorption capacity of their fields (tail end) and combat erosion before embarking on physical irrigation infrastructure improvement. Slowly then the work proceeds in the direction of the water source (mouth) by improving the canals and making some capital-intensive investments. This happens when people start to receive more income through improvements on their fields and they are ready and able to re-invest the surplus on the land.

TIP approaches possess four key characteristics:
1. Participatory
2. Empower local communities to access opportunities for development
3. Logically sequenced
4. Gender sensitive